A collection of related and useful links


JSTOR – Digitized back issues of academic journals, now also includes books and primary sources, and current issues of journals

Hemingway Editor – very useful little app/program

Japanese Castle explorer – because sometimes a book just doesn’t tell you enough.

The Carpentry Way – real things made with good wood using time tested tools and techniques.

Online Topographic map – sometimes clearer, more informative and easier to use than Google Maps

Japanese Homes and their Surroundings, 1885 – excellent source if carefully used.

The Samurai Archives Wiki project is an attempt to create the most concise and detailed database of pre-20th century Japanese history on the internet. And it can save you valuable time.

Laura Joh Rowland – home of the Sano Ichiro Mystery series.

Kampo – Traditional Japanese Medicine & Therapeutics

Recreating Japanese Women (book) – excellent research material

Japan for Sustainability – nice journal site of current developments
Just Enough; Lessons in Living Green From Traditional Japan (book) – a reality we all must face

RomajiDesu – Online Japanese dictionary. Because I will never understand enough

Online Japanese Armour manual – Good reference with photos of original pieces

Japanese Archery and Archers, 1897 – Transactions and Presentations of the Japan Society. Online article